Yoga Asanas with Props and accessories

Yoga asanas involve extension, exertion, as well as relaxation for the body. More importantly the aim of the asana movements is to align the body correctly. This also includes mental alignment, in which the mind touches each and every part of the body evenly. The ancient Yoga practisioners used logs of wood, stones, and ropes to help them to practice asanas effectively. Extending this principle, Yogacharya BKS Iyengar invented props which allow asanas to be held easily and for a longer duration, without strain. With props, you can assume more postures in a way that supports safe alignment.

How props help?

A yoga prop is any object that helps to stretch, strengthen, relax or improve the alignment of the body.

  • It helps to sustain the practice of asanas for a longer duration, and conserves energy.
  • These props allow asanas to be practiced in a relaxed way, balancing the body and mind actively as well as passively.
  • The yoga asana practiced with props is unique in that it is the only form of exercise which allows both action and relaxation simultaneously.
  • It activates the muscles, tones the body's organs and relieves undue mental and physical stress or strain.
  • Props help to increase flexibility and stamina and at the same time , relax slack and tired muscles.
  • They help to rejuvenate the entire body, without increasing physical fatigue.
  • Students of Yoga find the practice of Asanas with props a very encouraging exercise. It gives them the confidence to attempt difficult asanas and ensures correct practice.
  • Props provide a sense of direction and alignment and help to increase and enhance the understanding of each asana. They serve as silent instructors.

Yoga Props:


While doing yoga, it is common to use a yoga mat, it can be sticky mat . The mat helps define your personal space, but more importantly, it creates traction for your hands and feet so you don't slip, especially as you get a little sweaty. The mat also provides a bit of cushioning on a hard floor.

Cotton Blankets

It is used to open the chest and support back and used to support the head and shoulders in inversion postures. They support height in seated asanas and helps in correcting poor structural postures. The blanket can also be rolled and used to support the neck in reclining asanas and back bends.

Metal Chair

Metal chair helps you perform standing, sitting and supine asanas in a better way. Chairs are intended to direct the awareness to different aspects of the asanas and to benefit different parts of the body in order to deepen and enhance the understanding of the asanas.


Like blankets, blocks are props to make yourself more comfortable and improve your alignment. The bricks is used in all types of asanas ( sitting, standing & supine).


Belts are particularly useful for bound poses if your hands do not reach each other, and for poses where you need to hold onto your feet but cannot reach them. This essential and versatile yoga prop can help deepen your stretches and correct your alignment.

Ropes (Yoga Kurunta)

The word Kurunta means puppet or doll made of wood. When we use the ropes on the Yoga rope wall, we become like puppets suspended by ropes. There are many uses of the ropes to aid us in our asana practice. We can use the ropes to become more aware of our alignment in different poses and to help open areas of the body that might be difficult for us to reach without the use of the ropes. The rope is for all levels and for all ages to feel, experience, and to find some fun in our Yoga practice.


Yoga bolsters are one of the best friends to do yoga as your body will feel deeply supported when resting on a bolster. Particularly when your body is feeling depleted, exhausted or little stiff. Bolsters helps in correcting the posture, softly open up your chest, ribs and belly, improve blood flow to your key organs, encourage calmer breathing or reduce fatigue and stress in the body.

Square Bolsters

Are good support while doing sarvanagasana, halasana it can also be used for sitting and doing pranayama. Mini Bolsters - They help in relaxing your neck while lying down.

Mini Bolsters

They help in relaxing your neck while lying down.

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands are elastic bands made of Latex tubing used for strength training. It helps to tone the body.

Yoga Ball

It helps in core strengthening and balancing postures, backbends, twisting postures.

Yoga Mat Bags

Yoga mats are the bare essentials for a fulfilling session of Yoga.So it would be apt to carry those mats in a meaningfull Yoga mat bag. Our Yoga mat bags are tailored using old curtain fabric upcycled into ready and sturdy must haves to carry the yoga mat. The bags are available in 2 sizes - 26" long with a 6" diameter for a perfect fit and 29" long with a 6" diameter to carry other accessories. The bags have a sturdy handle that can be slung acroos the shoulder and have a draw string with a fastner to close its mouth. Some bags have a pocket on the outside to carry water bottles. We can also custom make yoga mat bags to suit your specific requirements.

Arch Brick

This helps as support for many of neck related Yoga poses.

Eye Cups

Eye wash cup is used to cleanse the eyes, wash the cup before you use it. This will sterilize the cup so that you don't get any germs in your eye.

Neti Pot

Nose is an organ which function from the very birth till the end of life. With polluted air present in the city, the accumulation of dust particles in the nasal passage causes irritation and infection, hence cleansing of nose is required.
The neti pot is used while doing "Jalaneti" one of the "Shatkriyas" in yoga. Neti removes all the dirt and bacteria filled mucus from within the nose. It also helps to drain the sinus cavities which will help against nasal infections such as hay fever, allergies, sinusitis and other upper respiratory complaints like sore throats and coughs, post nasal drip, inflammation of tonsils and adenoids.

Rectangular Pillow

Rectangular pillow helps in various yoga postures. Mainly used as support for fore arm & spine.

Rubber Sutra Neti

Used for sutra neti, This is a very effective method of keeping the nasal passages open to their fullest capacity. Sutra Neti is performed by passing a cord made of cotton thread or a rubber catheter into the nose through one nostril and then out via the mouth. The cord is gently pulled to and fro for some time, removed and then threaded through the other nostril and out the mouth again. Two rubber catheter can be used one for each nostril.

Designer Yoga Mat

Designer Yoga Mats are as soft as cotton and are durable equally like cotton. Also, .they are hypo-allergenic, and does not grow microbes. They provide a proper thermal comfort both in cold and warm atmospheres.

Still when thrown away, these mats decompose easily into elements in three to six months as these are made of only natural materials from the plant kingdom including the rubber used for keeping it anti skid.

Designer Yoga Mats are presented by Tapas in coordination with Yogaprapanch. 100 % Natural+100% Eco-Safe+100% Biodegradable